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Boston Marathon

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Oct 21, 2010



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The Human Race 5k 2007- 21:20

Liberty Fun Run 5k 2009- 22:11 (2nd in women)

Liberty Fun Run 5k 2010-20:25 (2nd in women)

Band on the Run 5k May 2011-19:45 (1st in women, 3rd overall)

Liberty fun run July 2011- 19:37 (1st in women)



Provo River 1/2 2007- 1:41:57

Hobble Creek 1/2 2009- 1:38:42

Halloween 1/2 2009-1:37:01 (2nd in age group)

Provo River 1/2 2010- 1:34:11 (12th overall women)

Hobble Creek 1/2 2010- 1:29:51

Halloween Half 2010- 1:26:52 (7th overall women)

American Fork Half 2011- 1:24:38 (4th overall women)

Cottonwood half 2012- 1:26:32 (13.7 miles 6:20AP) (2nd place)

Cottonwood half 2013- 1:16:58 (VERY AIDED) (1st place) 

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St. George Marathon 2009-3:39:42

Ogden Marthon 2010- 3:28:32

Top of Utah Marathon 2010- 3:24:50

Boston Marathon 2011- 3:16:57

Ogden Utah 2011- 3:31 (pacing a friend)

Utah Valley Marathon 2011- 3:15:52

Deseret News Marathon 2011- 3:08:52 (3rd place)

St. George Marathon 2012- 3:06:26


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Come back strong after baby #4


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Get faster


I am a stay at home mom with four children ages 9,7,4, and a newborn. I have a wonderful husband that supports me thankfully.  I've been running since April 2007, but didn't get serious until after my 3rd baby in 2009.  I love running and would appreciate any and all advice on how to get faster :-) I guess you could say I'm just fast enough to know how fast I'm not!

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Race: Boston Marathon (26.2 Miles) 03:04:16
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I am only doing this because Rob asked me to. So no one else may even read it. I guess I'll give a little back story. After my pre race St. George marathon melt down, I decided that I just wanted to go back to running for the love of running. I didn't want it to be something that caused me so much stress and anxiety. So I scaled it back and just ran for fun over the winter. That is also why I quit the blog. I just didn't want the comparing, mostly that I do. So, I've done a few tempo runs since then, but no speed. Mostly just back to running with my friends and having those awesome morning runs. I didn't want any pressure going in to this marathon and really didn't even care what my time was. I absolutely loved training for this marathon, and was surprised at how calm I was. I just wanted to run by feel and have a good experience. 

My husband and I flew out on Friday. I had two friends from my nieghborhood running also, they flew out separately. We stayed with my brother-in-law who lives in a suberb of Boston. Saturday we met up with my friends and went to the expo. It was fun, but SO crowded. I don't love huge crowds. After that we went to dinner at a really yummy italian place. Sunday we went to church then just chilled.

So on to race day. I decided to have my husband drive me to the busses that are closer to the start. I very much underestimated how long that would take. I was pretty stressed and didn't get to the athlete's village until 9:10, they were already loading the corrals for my wave. I asked someone at the front of one of the porta pottie lines if I could just cut in, and she was really nice and let me. So after the pop stop I headed to the corrals. I found a girl on the way and chatted with her for a bit, that was nice. Then before I knew it the gun went off. It took a little while to get to the start line (I was in the fourth corral) Once I got there I just wanted to go by feel. I was surprised to at how fast people were going around me. I wasn't looking at my watch just trying to stay relaxed. I swear I got passed by 500 people in the first three miles! My neuroma started bugging me at mile 2. WTH I havn't had any issues with it my whole training cycle. Maybe it was all the walking we did on Saturday? I went out faster then I should have, I guess that's what I get for not looking at my watch. I felt great but knew I needed to slow down at the 10k. So I just relaxed. I didn't want to push anything until mile 16. The miles all run together, my husband was at just about the half and that gave me a huge lift. And I remembered to write my name on my arms this year. The crowd was amazing throughout the whole race. I loved hearing people yell out my name. Wellsley was awesome just like I remember. I came through the half just over 1:30. I had split second thought that I could try to negative split and make it under three, but I knew that I hadn't trained well enough for that and I wanted this to be a good experience. So I just went with it. It was really hot, which I hesitiate to say since I know 2012 was horribly hot, but I was having to stop for water at every stop to either get a drink, or dump water on myself. It was bearable, but definitely slowed me a bit. Also there was a tail wind at the beginning, but by the newton hills it was a cross/head wind. I felt good though and just did what I could. I was surprised at how many people I passed the last half. I started playing to the crowd, it was so fun. I put in my music and was run-dancing, not sure if that's a real thing, but I was doing it. The crowd would totally respond and scream out my name and I would pump my arms. It was seriously the best time I've ever had in a marathon. Cresting heart break hill is my favorite part of this marathon. That downhill after is the best, and the crowd from that point on in unbelievable. My stomach was cramping pretty bad, but I knew at this point stopping wasn't an option (sorry for tmi, but I found out after that I had started my period during the race. Luckily I had black shorts on!!) I was definitely fading towards the end. The toe/neuroma that had been bugging me started to really hurt at around mile 22-23. Really bad pain withevery step. I feel good about how it all went. I was just wanting to qualify for Boston again, so I was happy that I was able to run a 3:04 on my minimal training. Coming up Boylston I had such mixed emotions. I wanted to be done running, but I didn't want my Boston marathon to be over. I am so glad that I did this. I loved my experience here so much. I didn't know if I could ever face another marathon after St. George last year. I know I'm sounding dramatic, but it seriously almost broke me! But I did it and I had fun!!

I don't know what my plan is now. I don't know if I'm metally ready to train hard, I don't konw if I ever will be which is frustrating, but I can't hadle the anxiety it causes me. I will continue to run and love it though, I know that much.

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